About Us

The Consistent Brand was formed out of personal necessity. Being an entrepreneur, aspiring or actual, can be challenging. I found myself up until 3AM and then sleeping until 10AM. I wasn't working out, eating right, or doing anything healthy consistently. I was making money and having success without any structure or system, but I slowly felt myself declining and losing the grit and grind that helped me build a worldwide brand. To remind myself of the mission, I printed 12 dri-fit shirts that I could wear daily while working to remind myself to be Consistent. From there I decided to make a full line of Consistent gear to meet the growing demand from those who support my content online. 

I hope this motivational wear will give you some inspiration while you have it on. Grab a piece for yourself, a friend, and let's inspire the world together. 

If you're an artist or designer who would like to collaborate, get in contact! 

Remember, Consistency Wins In The End!